Dr Brenda Cosby
Dr. Brenda Cosby
University of Georgia - 1983

Brenda Cosby was always drawn to animals as a child, watching and helping at the veterinary office in Petersburg where her grandmother was office manager. In the 1960’s though, the thought that a girl could ever become a veterinarian was simply a dream.

Upon graduating with a journalism degree from VCU, Brenda married her college crush, Bill Cosby, and moved to Atlanta to take the publishing world by storm. When it became clear that her writing talents weren’t going to make her America’s next great author, she went back to her first love, animals.

It took another three years of remedial physics, organic chemistry, and animal science classes to convince The University of Georgia to accept her. By then, she and her husband had one-year-old Katie in tow. Late night study sessions and colicky babies didn’t easily mix, and she thanks Bill for most of that early parenting.

Graduating from the University of Georgia in 1983, Brenda spent most of her senior year pregnant with son Will, who was kind enough to arrive three weeks late, after her final clinics. She also thanks Doctors Crawford and Anthony for their bravery as they hired her when she was seven months pregnant. She’s been at Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital from that moment, loving it ever since.

In her spare time, Dr. Cosby cooks, gardens, and tries to work out enough to ski in Utah one week a year. Daughter Kate and son Will now have babies of their own, so the Cosby’s are proud grandparents. Slideshow always available by request!


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